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Jobo CPE3 Processor with New-Style Lift

$1,698.00 / Sold Out

This listing is for a brand new, never used machine.

The CPE3 is an all new machine, based on the tried-and-true design of the CPE2+. This machine features a stronger motor, improved electronic control boards, a more robust housing and a new-style lift. The CPE3 is a compact (15X26 inch foot print) and highly capable processor, for any traditional process (film or paper). It can handle films from 35mm all the way up to 8X10 (with the CatLABS CL81), and prints up to 12X16. It is suitable for any type of process (BW or color/C41/E-6/RA-4). The CPE3 is a simple and reliable way to get the best possible results for processing film or prints.


- Brand new CPE3 processor (110V)
- CPE3 lift
- 4X 600ml bottles
- 4X 260ml beakers
- Jobo 3321 process thermometer
- 1520 unitank with 1501 reel and cog lid


- For all color and BW film
- Semi-automates processing for daylight operation
- Automatic agitation
- Automatic temperature control
- Compatible with all Jobo tanks (1500 and 2500 series)

Film Capacity:

- 5X 35mm
- 6X 120
- 12X 4X5
- 3X 8X10


- H: 25.5 cm (10")
- W: 65.5 cm (25")
- D: 30 cm (12")
- Weight: 6.6 LBS (3 kg)