Jobo CPE3 Processor with New-Style Lift


• Brand new ***In stock - ships next day***

• The CPE3 is a compact (15X26 inch foot print) and highly capable processor, for any traditional process (film or paper)

• Based on the tried-and-true design of the CPE2+

• This machine features a stronger motor, improved electronic control boards, a more robust housing and a new-style lift

• Can handle films from 35mm all the way up to 8X10 (with the CatLABS CL81), and prints up to 12X16

• Suitable for any type of process (BW or color/C41/E-6/RA-4)


• Brand new CPE3 processor (110V)
• CPE3 lift
• 4X 600ml bottles
• 4X 260ml beakers
• Jobo 3321 process thermometer
• 1520 UniTank with 1501 reel and cog lid


• For all color and BW film
• Semi-automates processing for daylight operation
• Automatic agitation
• Automatic temperature control
• Compatible with all Jobo tanks (1500 and 2500 series)

Film Capacity:

• 5X 35mm
• 6X 120
• 12X 4X5
• 3X 8X10


• H: 25.5 cm (10")
• W: 65.5 cm (25")
• D: 30 cm (12")
• Weight: 6.6 LBS (3 kg)

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• ***Open Box: minor cosmetic damage, no functional damage***