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Jobo CPP2 Processor with "New Style" Lift (#2)


SN 22XXX, latest upgrade model. This machine has a new style motor (same as in the large ATL machines), improved DC boards and much more. If you intend to use expert drums, this is the machine for you. Save 30% off the price of a new CPP3.

This machine comes with a brand new "new style" lift (marked for the new CPP3). The new style lift offers many improvements over the older design, such as unbreakable tank retaining clips, automatic funnel selection, brass fittings and more.

Ask us about combining drums and reels with this processor for bundle pricing- no extra shipping cost on any drums or reels purchased at the same time as a processor.


- Jobo CPP2 Processor (115V) SN #224XX, latest production upgrade model
- Brand new Jobo "new style" lift with black easy running (expert) rollers and
extension arms
- 6 1000ml bottles (used)
- 4 260ml beakers (used)


Externally, this machine shows staining, calcification and other signs of use.
Internally, all components are checked and tested to be in good working order.
All knobs and LCD read out are tested and working as they should.
Heater heats.
Motor runs strong, tested under load.
Thermostat is accurate and maintains temp as it should.
Circulation pump works and runs strong.

Please see the detailed photos of the condition of this machine.