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Jobo CPP3 Processor with Lift (IN STOCK)


*PRE ORDER, 4-6 week lead time*

See pull-down menu for the option to buy this machine with a (used) expert drum and a (new) foot pump.

The all-new CPP3 is a semi-automatic film and print processor, that offers continuous rotation and agitation. It is a temperature-controlled process, producing consistent, repeatable results. Repeatability and dependability are the name of the game in a world where pro labs are closing down and slow turnaround leads to poor results. Jobo's time-proven rotation processing system allows for full and precise control of every aspect of the process. One can expect industry-standard-quality results for virtually any photo-chemical process.

Continuing the tried and tested design of the successful CPP2, the CPP3 is fully backwards compatible with all existing Jobo drums and reels. Thus, it is capable of processing 35mm, 120 roll film, sheet film of 4X5/5X7/8X10/11X14, and prints up to 20X24.

In addition to temperature and rotation-speed control, the CPP3 features a built-in, fully programmable process timer, a dimmable LCD panel and a cold-water solenoid inlet (to cool down the process when the ambient temperature is higher than the process temperature).

CatLABS recommends using a lift for all processors and processing systems, because it helps create a more accurate and repeatable process. Additionally, using a lift offers many other benefits:

- Allows for the use of expert drums
- Allows chemistry to be introduced into the tank while the agitator is on
- Allows for more accurate processing times, down to the second
- Allows for faster introduction and dumping of chemistry
- Alleviates pressure build-up problems in problem-prone process types
- Creates a nearly dry and clean work environment
- Is self-cleaning and helps prevent cross-contamination


- Brand new Jobo CPP3 processor
- Jobo lift
- 6 1000ml bottles
- 4 260ml beakers
- Full set of rollers and extension arms
- Manual

CPP3 Specifications:

- H 33.5 cm (13")
- W 96 cm (38")
- D 37 cm (15")
- Water-jacket volume: ca. 18 L
- Weight: 6.8 kg