Linhof Master Kardan TL 8X10 camera with new bellows

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Linhof's most advanced 8X10 camera and one of them most advanced LF systems ever devised.

Superb Linhof build quality with virtually unlimited movements, massive bellows draw and the most precision possible of any LF system. Many geared movements, superb stability and rigidity.

Ask us about adding a lens, holder, tripod or any other accessory to make this ready to shoot kit, right out of the box!


• Linhof Master Kardan TL
• Copal #3 lensboard

Camera Features:

• All metal/composite material construction
• Brand new bellows (made by custom bellows UK)
• Massive bellows draw (30"+)
• Telescoping rail
• Front/rear movements include swing, geared rise/fall (with offest preset), geared shift and axis tilt
• Fine geared focus
• Back can easily be mounted in vertical or horizontal positions
• Bail back lever for easy loading/unloading of holders
• Tilting/Balancing tipod rail clamp/mount
• Original gridded Linhof ground glass

Camera Condition:

• This camera is used and in good working condition
• Recently fully serviced
• All levers, knobs and locks are present and work as they should
• All tensions, friction and damping work as they should
• Bellows are brand new
• Ground glass is clean and clear