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Jobo "New Style" Lift for CPA2\CPP2\CPP3 and CPE2\CPE2+ (#4072/#4062)

$579.00 / Sold Out

Special order: 2-3 week lead time.

This "new-style" lift has all of the latest revisions and improvements. Auto funnel selection, black retaining clips and brass fittings, to name a few.

Available for all Jobo manual processors.


- CPP3
- CPP2
- CPA2


- CPE2
- CPE2+


- New Jobo "new style" lift
- #95555 main drive cog gear
- Running rollers with extension arms (pair)
- Plastic mounting screws and washers
- Manual

***CPA2 and CPP2 users of machines with SN's lower then 22000, as well as CPE2 (non plus version) users, should contact us before purchasing. You will need a different main drive cog gear (#95523).