New Production Deardorff V8 8X10 camera MADE IN BOSTON


This is a brand new production Deardorff V8 camera, and is one of two cameras to be made in 2020.

Made of 90% new (old stock) parts, 9% custom fabricated parts and 1% vintage parts.

Hand assembled in Boston, using the finest tools and materials.

Takes standard Sinar style boars.

Custom made Kevlar fiber bellows lined with organza silk, is lighter and tougher than the original.

Most moving parts are high grade stainless steel, while others are traditional nickel plated brass polished to a high shine.

CatLABS Ultrabright focusing screen provides an exceptionally sharp view with an increase of 1-1.5 stops of brightness compared to a traditional focusing screen

Buy as a complete ready to go kit with a lens and holder, or buy the camera body only (use pull down menu)