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Nikon N80 F80 35mm SLR camera with Nikkor 35-70mm zoom lens


The F80 (N80 in North America) was the lighter version of the top of the line F100 Nikon Pro SLR, and only differed from the F100 in the construction of the housing. This camera has one of the most advanced AF and AE systems ever put into a camera, but without the added weight and bulk. This makes it a highly capable, fully featured camera, yet very portable.

The 35-70mm Nikon AF lens is a hidden gem - probably one of the sharpest zoom lenses Nikon ever made. It was often overlooked as a basic kit lens, however, it is regularly tested to be one of the better zoom lenses out there.

This is a modern, multi-coated lens.

Aperture/focus/zoom move smoothly.

Fresh battery installed.

All camera functions tested and working as they should.

Overall, this is a very lightly used camera with minor signs of handling.