Nikon S 35mm Rangefinder camera with Nikkor S C 50mm F1.4 lens #9345


• RF is working as it should
• Shutter works on all higher speeds, however, on lower speeds, the second curtain does not release until the shutter button is released. When the second curtain does release, the timed speeds (below 20th of a second) sound right to the ear, but this is either a user error (we have limited experience with this model) or needs to be serviced - sold AS IS on this basis - returns based on the lower speed issue will not be considered.
• Otherwise, all levers, buttons and handles are present work as they should
• Lens glass is generally clean with no fungus, haze or scratches, minor internal dust
• Aperture, focus and transport are all good and work as they should
• Cosmetically, this camera is clean with normal signs of use, please inspect photos
• Includes original metal front lens cap.