Pentax IQZoom 80 Modern, Mompact 35mm Point and Shoot Film Camera (REFURBISHED)


REFURBISHED Pentax IQZoom 80, Modern, Compact 35mm film camera
• Backed by CatLABS 6 month warranty
• One of the last film camera models pentax ever made
• Modern design, superb build quality and materials
• Surprisingly sharp lens which is often overlooked by people looking for a quality P&S camera
• Specifically selected by CatLABS as a long lasting point and shoot camera with excellent reliability and longevity
• Each camera is meticulously checked, cleaned and adjusted/repaired as needed to ensure you are getting a camera that we are proud to back with our 6 month warranty
• Cosmetically, these cameras show minimal signs of use
• Each camera comes with a fresh battery installed (CR123a)
• All functions are fully tested (transport, flash, rewind, shutter)
• Built-in flash
• Clean lens and optical viewfinder glass