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Phototherm Sidekick SK4G Fully Automatic Film Processor



- Phototherm Sidekick SK4G
- 1 Four reel film drum
- 2 reel spacer
- Magnetic stirring pill
- Chemical bay area cover
- Power cord (not seen in photos)


- Machine fully tested and serviced
- Main pumps replaced
- Main board replaced and many components are new
- Support and parts are readily available from Phototherm and the Sidekick Doc in NJ
- Very small footprint
- Comes with pre-programmed channels for most popular processing types: C-41, E-6, - BW & more
- Many user adjustable parameters
- Process any photographic material: BW, C-41, E-6
- Fully automatic self cleaning
- No need for hot water inlet, built-in water heating system
- Built-in chemistry collection system (user controlled)
- Built-in backup battery option (batteries not included, function not tested)


The external housing and lid show some scuffs, bumps and staining (as seen in photos).
Housing appears to have had a crack, which was previously repaired.
This machine is in good working condition.
All functions have been tested, adjusted and are guaranteed to work as intended.