Hasselblad Imacon Precision II PII Film Scanner with 3 Film Holders

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About this scanner:
The PII shares the same sensor and hardware scanning tools as modern Imacon scanners, however, it is connected via SCSI interface (super reliable, and easy to set up, even on modern PC computers).

Connect to any modern (or past) PC running XP, Win 7 or Win 10, Mac connection is also possible, however older OS and machines may be needed (sorry, we know nothing about MAC).

By far the best possible negative scanner available.
Scan up to 6 frames of 35mm, or 3 frames of 6X7 in one pass, scan sizes up to 5X7 negatives/positives and A4 reflective material.

The latest versions of FlexColor scanning software that can run this machine (4.0.3/4 PC/MAC) can be downloaded from the Hasselblad website for FREE (or ask us for a copy). Use this version to operate the scanner and scan FFF "scanner raw" files, then use FC 4.8.12 (latest version) to make fine adjustments before moving on to Photoshop or your favorite photo editing software.


Hasselblad/Imacon PII scanner
3 original Imacon film holders (35mm [vertical + horizontal], 6X7, 4X5)
Power supply
Dust cover
SCSI cable (CN50->HD50)
Additional holders are available upon request/at an extra cost.

Scanner Condition:

This scanner works as it should.
Cosmetically, this scanner shows very minor signs of handling and appears to have been treated very well.