Polaroid 8X10 Complete Field Processor Kit


This complete Polaroid 8X10 processor system kit includes everything you need in order to shoot and process Polaroid or Impossible Project 8X10 instant films.

This processor has been modified with a pulley crank for untethered field use.

This processor has had the old oil filled capacitor replaced with a modern unit, making this machine infinitely more reliable and longer lasting then any machine that has not had this modification done.

Externally, the processor and holder are in well used shape, with lots of dings, scrapes and bumps throughout.


- Polaroid 8X10 processor with manual hand crank for power OR no power/field use
- 81-06 holder
- 81-09 loading tray
- Power cord


- Tested, good working condition
- Rollers run smoothly
- Motor runs strong
- Timer tested, working
- Hand crank pulley works nicely