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Polaroid 8X10 Processor Kit (two options)


This complete Polaroid 8X10 processor kit includes everything you need in order to shoot and process Polaroid or Impossible Project 8X10 instant films.

Option #1:

- Polaroid 8X10 processor
- Polaroid 81-05 holder
- Power cord

Option #2:

- Polaroid 8X10 processor
- Polaroid 81-06 holder and 81-09 tray
- Power cord

Processors are tested and in good working condition.

Rollers run smoothly, motor runs strong.

*Timer not tested/disabled, but will be irrelevant for the much longer developing times of the current Impossible Project films.

Externally, the processor and holders show some scuffs/dings/dents/scrapes here and there, from normal use.

Internally, both the processor and holder are clean and work 100% as they should.

The difference between the two options:

Both systems are complete units that will enable the user to shoot and process instant 8X10 material.

The 81-05 holder carries both the negative and positive in one integral unit.

The 81-06 carries only the negative and the positive is placed in the tray (81-09) before processing.