Refinished Graflex crown graphic 4X5 Camera with 210mm lens + holders + FILM


This Graflex was recently stripped and refinished. All rangefinder components were removed, along with all other linkages and accessories. The goal was to reduce the weight of the camera as much as possible, while still retaining all functionality.

The result is a beautiful, ultralight kit, paired with a superb Pro Raptar lens.


• Graflex Crown graphic 4X5 camera
• Wollensak Pro Raptar 210mm F5.6
• Three 4X5 film holders (used,tested light-tight)
• Fresh, sealed box of CatLABS X FILM 80 B/W 4X5 sheet film (25 sheets)

Camera Features:

• Built in folding viewing hood
• Extremely rigid and stable construction
• Fresnel/ground glass combo focusing screen
• Fully stripped and refinished camera

Camera Condition:

• This camera is used, tested, and working as it should
• Cosmetically, this camera shows normal signs of use
• Bellows are tested light-tight
• All camera movements, knobs, gears, and latches are in good working condition
• Spring back is tight and works as it should
• Ground glass/fresnel is an upgraded unit, though does show some nicks/marks

Wollensak Pro Raptar 210mm F5.6:

• 210mm is a tele/portrait-angle of view lens on 4X5 cameras (similar to an 85mm
lens on 35mm cameras)
• Lens glass is generally clean but does show some cleaning wipes on front and
rear elements
• Shutter is in good working condition and fires nicely on all speeds

Ask us about combining this purchase with any of our other large format lenses or film holders.