Refurbished Jobo CPA2 Film Processor + New Style Lift SN 23007 3rd UPGRADE


• Exceptionally clean machine, with low usage hours
• This late SN 23XXX machine has the latest revision of Jobo production, with the
strongest motor (same as in full size ATL and CPP3 machines) along with stronger
support DC board and components
• Suitable for all Expert drum use
• This processor is used, tested, and working as it should
• This machine just came off our work bench, with many new parts installed during
the refurbishing process
• Cosmetically, this machine shows minor signs of use and is overall clean throughout
• Transfer gears are freshly lubricated
• 6 1000ml bottles, 4 260ml beakers (used, clean)
12 month warranty (parts and labor) from CatLABS
• The main difference between the CPA and CPP systems is the dial thermostat on
the CPA vs. the LED readout on the CPP, the thermostat is accurate down to 0.1c on
both systems making this CPA2 suitable for all types of film processing such as C-41,
E6, Pyro, All BW, and alternative process types

Ask us about combining this machine with any drums or reels.