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Refurbished Jobo CPE2 Processor (220V)


The CPE2 is a compact, semi-automatic processor, capable of processing all types of films and paper (B/W, C-41, E-6, RA-4 and more).

Its small foot print of about 27X15" makes it ideal for smaller darkrooms or work spaces.

This machine has some "ugly" cosmetic features, such as heavy water deposits/calcification and some grey residue from where previous owner attempted to attach a chiller hose.. Despite those, this machine is fully functional and has been completely gone through.

Includes rollers and one 1504 magnet base.

Many parts have been replaced or adjusted and this machine and is now in good working condition.

Lower and upper housing parts have been replaced with brand new parts.

Motor runs strong, tested under load.

Tested and guaranteed, 6 months warranty.

Includes 4 bottles (used).

Ask us about combining this machine with any drums or reels.