• Mains lead
• enlarger/safelight connectors
• instructions.


• Base exposure time 1.0 seconds to 240 seconds, in steps of 1/24th to 1/2 f-stop
(or of 0.1 or 1.0 seconds in linear time mode). Time is controlled to 0.01 seconds.
• All exposure times are set in coarse and fine steps of actual exposure rather than
simple seconds, producing consistent changes on the paper. The fine step size is
1/24th f-stop (approx 2%). The coarse step size can be set to 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/6 or
1/12 of a f-stop. Coarse/fine button toggles between 1/24th and the set coarse
time step.
• Nine subsequent exposure times can be programmed, each calculated either
relative to the base exposure or the total exposure time thus far. Burn-in exposures
are set in steps of 1/12th to 1/2 f-stop. If the base exposure is changed, the burn-in
exposures are recalculated to maintain the density relationships.
• Two completely independent channels, each having separate base and burn-in
exposure times.
• Split-grade mode, in which exposure can be controlled using one channel while
the second can be used to adjust contrast. Equivalent contrast is displayed in
steps of 0.1 grade.
• Automatic test strip mode, for quickly producing test strips with 1/12th to 1/2
stop increments either as an incremental exposures or separate complete
• Exposure Compensation of +/-20% to allow for dry-down or and/or toning with
respect to a test print.
• The clear yellow LED display brightness can be set to one of three levels. The
display colour has been chosen to be safe for both colour and black and white
• Audible beep at the end of each exposure, and optional seconds tick whilst the
enlarger is switched on.
• Rugged steel enclosure and high quality components for reliability. Illuminated
control buttons.
• Can be connected to our ZoneMaster for exposure metering.
• Automatic safelight switching; manual (focus) mode; 750 watts (500 watts in
115v versions) switching capacity
• A footswitch is available as an optional extra for hands-free operation – see the
accessories page.
• Exceptionally easy to use! All timing, including switching between channels, can
be controlled from the footswitch.


• Timing accuracy: Better than 1%
• Timing repeatability: Better than 0.1%
• Exposure setting accuracy: Better than 1%; resolution 1/24th stop.
• Timing range: 1.0 to 240 seconds per step, up to ten steps per channel, two
• Timing resolution: 0.01 sec.
• Switching capacity: 750W per outlet, 750W total (230V only; 500W total for 115V
version.). Suitable for cold light enlargers.
• Display type: Yellow LED, three levels of dimming, 590nm LEDs are safe for colour
as well as b+w papers (Safe except for direct exposure – dimmer than the filtration
control lighting on most enlargers)
• Size: WHD 200mm x 65mm x 160mm (7.8 x 2.5 x 6.3 inches)
• Weight: 2200g approx as shipped.
• Input voltage: 200-250V AC 50Hz (100-125V 50/60Hz optional)