Ries Junior J250 double tilt heavy duty tripod head 3/8 screw


• Price new - >$450+shipping - save 40% here!
• Luster Bronze knob, 3/8 camera screw
• Vintage Ries head, one of the best possible LF tripod heads
• In production for nearly 100 years, essentially unchanged
• Ideal tripod head for Large Format and Ultra large format cameras, will easily carry any 8X10 camera
• Used, good working condition

From the manufracturer:

The Ries J250 Tripod Head is designed to accompany any J Series Wood Tripod with the most versatility. It accommodates infinite 90° adjustment from vertical to horizontal and also allows a 15° tilt from left to right. The Ries J250, with a crown size of 3.9 inches/ 9.906 cm, is designed for professional DSLR Medium Format, Large Format 4 x to 5 x 7 cameras. It will also accommodate professional video cameras up to 60 pounds / 27.5 kg.
From the center of the camera screw to the back edge of the platter there is 1.85 inches / 4.7 cm, allowing for clearance for most swing back cameras. The Ries J250 Tripod Head is available with 1/4″-20 or 3/8″-16 mounting screws and weighs 2.5 pounds / 1.13 kg. If you have multiple cameras with different size mounting screws, an extra screw can be ordered separately and is easily interchangeable.

• Weight – 2.5 Pounds / 1.13 kg, bronze knobs add 4 ounces / .12 kg
• Crown Size – 3.9 Inches / 9.906 cm
• Maximum Camera Weight – 60 Pounds / 27.5 kg
• Camera Screws – 1/4″-20 or 3/8″-16 available