Schneider Apo Symmar L MC 210mm F5.6 Lens in Copal #1 Shutter


• Schneider most advanced line of LF lenses, designed to compete with Rodenstock's • Apo Sironar S line
• Massive image circle (covers 8X10 at infinity)
• This lens is used, tested and working as it should
• Cosmetically, this lens is in good condition and shows minimal signs of use
• Clean, multi-coated, APO corrected glass
• Clean glass, no fungus, haze, scratches or other major issues to note
• Shutter is in good working condition and fires nicely on all speeds
• Includes mounting flange and original front cat
• Rear coating as a minor nick, only visible under bright light and very close
inspection, we were not able to show in photos, will have no impact on image quality
in any way
• Original caps and mounting flange included

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