Schneider KERN Goerz Dagor Gold Dot 14" [355mm] F8 Lens Copal #3 Shutter #8970


• New old stock, this lens appears to have never been mounted to a camera and shows minimal signs of handling, with original box, caps and mounting flange
• Late serial number, coated glass
• The ultimate of all Dagor lenses: This lens is of the last production run under the Goerz name, after the company was sold to Schneider and glass was made by Kern in Switzerland, an extremely rare lens of the best possible quality
• As such, this lens has the distinction of being branded under the German company "Goerz" brand name, sold under the "Schneider Corp of America" while actually manufactured by Kern-Pillard in Switzerland
• Factory shutter mount, with original leather bound front cap and basic rear cap as well as the original mounting flange
• This lens appears to have never been used, has been fully tested and is working as it should
• Cosmetically - externally, this lens shows minimal signs of use/handling
• Lens glass is exceptionally clean with no issues to report: no haze, fungus or scratches (minor glass imperfections, small internal dust etc which has no impact on image quality may be present)
• Shutter is in good working condition and fires nicely on all speeds
• Includes a mounting flange and original box with matching serial numbers

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