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Sinar F 4X5 camera with Rodenstock 135mm F5.6 MC lens + holders + fresnel


A highly modular and versatile camera system. Most parts are interchangeable with other Sinar cameras, from any other format/product line, including lens boards, standards, rails, bases, etc'.


- Sinar F 4X5 camera.
- Standard rail + extension.
- Rodenstock Sironar 135mm F5.6.
- 2 modern 4X5 film holders.

Camera features and condition:

Cosmetically, camera is in used condition with light/normal signs of handling/use.
Fully articulated movements, front and back.
All knobs lock tightly as they should.
Spring lock back is tight and bail back lever works as it should.
Bellows tested light-tight and in excellent condition.
Back can easily be set up vertically or horizontally.
Sinar factory fesnel lens installed.


Rodenstock Sironar 135mm F5.6:

The 135mm is a moderate/wide angle angle of view on 4X5 (similar to 38mm on 35mm format cameras). Modern, compact "do it all" lens. Glass is clean, shutter fires nicely on all speeds.