Stark SST4/SST5 Universal Film & Paper Processor (SPECIAL ORDER)


PRE ORDER - 4 week lead time

• Brand new

• Special order items (4 week lead time, see pull-down menu for options)

• The SST4 processor is universally compatible with most existing film and paper drums, and is suitable for any type of processing of any film or paper (B/W, C-41, E-, RA-4, Pyro, etc)

• Time-proven rotation system offers accurate, repeatable and reliable results

• Features change of direction and torque limiting during start-up (soft start function), which allows for a smooth and streak-free process

• The tempered water bath can be set anywhere between 20° and 45° C, featuring a digital interface and large readout

• Does not come with any tanks or reels, however tanks and drums of most manufacturers can be used (Jobo, Paterson, Unitank, Ciba/Unicolor etc.)

Technical Data:

• Length: 20 cm
• Width: 25 cm
• Height: 60 cm
• Weight: 6.5 kg
• 240/115 VAC - 50/60 Hz - 0,660 kW
• Rotation speed: 20-100 rpm (depends on drum size)
• Jacket bath: ca. 6 liter
• Jacket bath temperature: 20-45° C
• Jacket bath for drums up to 42 cm in length (accepts Jobo Expert drum 3005)