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Stark Universal Manual Processing Roller Base for all Tanks (1509 alternative)


A brand new, innovative design from Stark Tek in Germany: the Stark universal manual processing roller base.

Save space and electricity by rolling a tank in place by hand. Move up to the highly accurate and repeatable world of rotation processing. This is an option for those processing film to save time and materials, while still getting excellent results.

Will handle any film/print processing tanks, large or small. Infinitely adjustable for use with any tank system in the world. Jobo tanks 1500/2500/2800/3000 (expert), Paterson, Omega, AP, Unitank, Beseller, Durst, even smaller SS tanks.

Rubberized rollers ensure proper grip, no matter what tank system is used.

Ideal for BW processing or any other process run at room temperature.

Chemical resistant materials.