Stenopeika Hyper 8X10 MKII lightweight camera w/ 240mm F5.6 lens + holder

$2,290.00 Coming Soon


We have MANY 8X10 capable lenses in stock, ask us about making this a bundle with a lens, holders, tripod and film to be able to shoot right out of the box!


• Stenopeika Hyper 8X10 MKII camera
• 8x10 light-tight, well used film holder
• Schneider Symmar S MC 240mm F5.6

Camera Features:

• Superb Italian craftsmanship
• Inventive and intuitive Italian design
• Best possible materials
• Smooth gliding movements
• Easy to use secure locking controls
• Massive bellows draw (700mm+) as well as accommodation for very short lenses
(120mm with a flat board)
• Long lasting bellows material (Kevlar fiber exterior and organza silk lining),
lightweight yet extremely durable
• Front movements include swing, rise, fall, and tilt (on/off axis)
• Rear movements: tilt and swing
• Back can easily be mounted in vertical or horizontal positions
• Magnetic snap-on ground glass protector

Camera Condition:

• This camera is brand new

Technical specifications:

• 3.5kg (7.7LBS)
• 30x30x 7 cm when closed
• Front rise/fall: 5cm
• Front tilt on baseboard: +20/-90°
• Front tilt on lensboard limited only by bellows
• Swing: +/- 14°
• Rear tilt on baseboard: +90/-20°
• Rear swing: +/- 14°
• Max extension: 70 cm
• Min extension: 10 cm

Schneider Symmar S MC 240mm F5.6:

• 240mm is a moderate wide angle on 8X10 cameras (similar to a 38mm lens on
35mm format cameras)
• Modern, Multi-coated lens
• Exceptionally clean glass with no issues to report (no fungus, haze or scratches)
• Shutter fires nicely on all speeds