Stenopeika Hyper MK2 8X10 camera Advanced lightweight field camera

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A modern, lightweight, fully featured 8X10 wooden/composite field camera.

Superbly hand built in Tuscany, amongst olive groves and wineries, this camera has an amazing Italian sense of design coupled with functionality that only a photographer-camera builder can offer. This camera is loaded with features designed to make life easy for the 8X10 photographer without limiting the creative process.

We have the following 8X10 capable lenses in stock: 210mm, 240mm, 300mm 360mm - ask us about bundling this into a kit with a lens.

Camera Features:

• Interchangeable bellows
• Included ground glass proctor
• One of the best ground glass units available
• Takes easy to find standard Sinar lensboards
• Back rotates to vertical or horizontal positions in seconds
• Ultra light-weight (8.65LB)
• Massive 800mm+ bellows draw
• Composite bellows construction (water/dust/tear proof)
• Geared fine focus
• Smooth gliding standards for easy "fast" focusing setup
• Front movements include rise/fall, swing, and on/off axis tilt
• Rear movements include swing, shift and tilt
• Positive center detents

Ask us about combining this purchase with any of our other large format lenses or film holders.