Tetenal Parvofin tabs/Superfix tabs Film Developing Tabs


PARVOFIN TABS go back to the legendary powdered PARVOFIN TABS formula, which was already launched by TETENAL in the 1950s – the relaunch of the brand is based on the adaptation of the PARVOFIN TABS formula to today's film emulsions, taking into account current legal requirements for chemical ingredients of photo chemicals. PARVOFIN TABS contains no boron compounds.

The mixing of the working solution is carried out by dissolving the PARVOFIN TABS Part A and Part B in hot water - after cooling, the developer is ready to use. Two different dilutions, a normal dilution to 150 ml working solution and an economy dilution to 300 ml - or a multiple of each - allow the use of all development cans in all sizes from all manufacturers.

The extraordinarily long shelf life of the PARVOFIN TABS of at least 4 years allows a particularly high economic efficiency, especially if only sporadic work is carried out over a longer periods of time. A very special advantage of the tabs is the temperature-independent storage in a very wide range from -40 F to 104 F no other photochemical product is equipped with such a tolerance.


• Fine-grain compensation developer
• Optimal balance of sharpness and fine graininess
• Good use of the manufacturing film sensitivity
• For T-Grain films and for classic emulsions
• Wide-ranging, natural tonal reproduction
• No boron compounds
• Always fresh chemistry
• Easy to use
• Free of boron compounds
• Dust-free
• Temperature-independent storage
• Years of durability
• Easy and safe transport
• Ideal for sporadic use
• Constant results over long periods of time
• Jar with 10 tablets each, 10 x part A and 10 x part B
• B&W developer tablets for 10 x 150 – 300 ml negative developer, for max. 20
films 135-36

SUPERFIX TABS B&W film and paper fixer in tablet form

SUPERFIX TABS are formulated without boron compounds and – just like PARVOFIN TABS – meet the future legal requirements for chemical products for end consumers. The dosing of the SUPERFIX TABS to 150 ml working solution or to a multiple of it allows fixation in all common development tank and trays of different sizes.

Outstanding is the very long shelf life of the SUPERFIX TABS, over the years the required number of tabs can be successively removed from the storage box and processed - the working solution is always fresh. Superfix tabs stand for a very economical application, from the first to the last tablet the chemistry is optimally exploited and sporadic applications over years are easily possible.


• Express fixation bath
• For all B&W films and B&W papers
• Universal and easy to use application
• Short processing times
• High storage stability over many years
• Free of boron compounds
• Temperature-independent storage
• Jar with 20 tablets, item no. 105520
• B&W fixing bath tablets for 3 litre film-fixing bath or 4.5 litre paper-fixing bath, for
max. 20 films 135-36 or for max. 10 m² RC paper or for max. 5 m² baryte paper.