CatLABS Universal Tank Top Timer (compensating development timer)


The CatLABS “Tank Top Timer” is a convenient small-sized temperature-compensating timer designed to be fitted to any developing tank cap.

It functions as a stopwatch, starting when the button is pressed and counting
up until the button is pressed again.

The rate at which the timer runs is dependent on the measured temperature, and in this way provides accurate compensation for changes in developer temperature.

The timer can also be used as an accurate digital tank thermometer, measuring to a resolution of 0.1 °C.


• Implements “Ilford” time-temperature tables
• Water and photo chemistry resistant
• Suitable for inversion agitation
• Precision stainless steel sensor
• User adjustable metronome sound function
• LCD display of time or temperature
• Temperature display in °C or °F
• 0.1°C resolution display
• Timing 0 to 1 hour in 1s resolution
• Ultra-low power consumption electronics – typical battery
life approximately 5 years
• Runs on a common CR2032 coin cell battery

Included in the box:

• CatLABS Tank Top Timer
• Fast action drill bit
• Detailed manual