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Voigtlander Apo-Lanthar 210mm F4.5 Lens in Copal #3 Shutter


The Apo-Lanthar is a legendary lens that incorporates Lanthanum glass elements, giving it its classic and sought after look. This rare Apo-Lanthar is custom mounted in a modern Copal #3 shutter, with a corresponding factory aperture scale.

Produces amazing images with a unique rendering (generally only possibly with Apo-Lanthar lenses).

Covers 5X7 and offers ample movements on 4X5 (makes a great portrait lens on either format).

Front cell has an internal edge blemish (as with pretty much all Apo-Lanthars), which does not affect image quality/use in any way. No returns based on this issue will be accepted.

Front element coating has several small marks (seen in photos). These do not affect image quality in any way.

Inside and rear cell are clean with no issues to report.

Shutter fires nicely on all speeds.

We have lens boards for most cameras in stock, just ask.