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Wista 45RF 4X5 Field Camera with 150mm + 180mm Lenses and Holders


The Wista 45RF is essentially a Wista 45VX, but with one of the industries best rangefinder systems attached to the top of the camera. This camera was part of Wista's last production range. It is a fully featured, all metal camera with an extra long bellows draw and a very stable/rigid platform. Its features include front/rear swings, interchangeable bellows and the best fresnel/ground glass combo in the industry. All movements are smooth and precise.


- Wista 45RF 4X5 field camera with a built in rangefinder
- Ilex Acuton 150mm F4.8 lens
- Schneider Xenar 180mm F4.5 lens
- 3 4X5 film holders (used, modern, tested light-tight)

Camera Features:

- Front movements include shift, rise, tilt and swing
- Rear movements include tilt and swing
- Camera uses common and easy to find Technika-style lens boards
- Interchangeable bellows
- Rotating back
- Built in viewing hood
- Ultra-bright, high-precision ground glass/fresnel combo

Camera Condition:

This is a used, good working condition Wista 45RF 4X5 camera.
RF image and patch are clear and bright.
Main viewfinder window glass is cracked. Image and frame lines are still clearly visible. The rangefinder is not affected. No returns based on this condition will be accepted.
Cosmetically, this camera is in good shape with normal signs of use.
Bellows is in good shape inside and out, tested light-tight and in good working condition.
All camera movements, knobs, gears and latches are in good working condition.
Graflock/spring back is tight and works perfectly.
Original, ultra-bright, high-precision fresnel/ground glass installed, clean and clear.

Ilex Acuton 150mm F4.8:

The 150mm is a normal-angle lens on 4X5, (equivalent to a 50mm lens on 35mm format cameras). This is a compact, coated lens with a massive image circle. Glass is clean, shutter fires nicely on all speeds. Excellent performance all around.

Schneider Xenar 180mm F4.5:

The 180mm is a slightly longer than normal-angle of view lens on 4X5, (equivalent to a 65mm lens on 35mm format cameras). This Xenar lens is one of the fastest in its class, with an F4.5 max aperture setting. Glass is clean and very sharp. Shutter fires nicely on all speeds.

Ask us about combining this purchase with any of our other large format lenses or film holders.