CatLABS X FILM 100 Color Negative film (35mm and 120)


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A unique color film emulsion offering superb sharpness, soft tones and a beautiful vivid color palate. CatLABS X FILM 100 Color is characterized by its distinct color coupler structure (AKA grain), contrast and tonal range, not found with other currently available films.

CatLABS X FILM 100 Color should be processed as a standard C41 film for superb color negatives.

It may also be processed in E6 chemistry for intense contrast "positive" slide film.

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• CatLABS X FILM 100 Color is designed for a wide array of shooting conditions available in 35mm and 120 roll film

• DX coded 35mm metal cartridges

• Exceptionally fine grain in almost all conditions

• Increased contrast in otherwise dull scenes

• Produces unique deep and warm tones with soft and pleasing rendition

• Balanced for daylight shooting, CatLABS X FILM 100 Color is also suitable for low light or available light conditions, especially when using long exposures. When exposing for more than 10 seconds, color balance is almost neutral and renders wonderfully under tungsten or artificial lighting

• Easy to handle material: dries exceptionally fast and flat, ideal for scanning

• Produces a near clear base making for easy scanning

• Exhibits a wide exposure latitude under various lighting conditions

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Process C41 (or E6)