• reduced size, the new model is noticeably lighter and more compact than its
• full, half and third stops; capable of giving more accurate readings
• customizable aperture, shutter speed and ISO stops
• maximum/minimum aperture and shutter speed value settings available
• exposure compensation feature allows the user to manually adjust the exposure
from -3EV to +3EV in 1/3 increments
• Continuous metering mode: light-meter reading will update constantly (Data refresh
at every 0.6s)
• Single metering mode
• Standard mode- Displays basic information for the photographer
• Detailed mode- Displays all information and data for professional use
• Inverted mode- Display is inverted (for Rollei 35)


Model: KEKS KM02
Materials: Aluminum
Colors: Black / Chrome
Shoe mounts: Three different sizes Shoe mount
(Aluminum shoe mount is included)
Dimensions: 42.0*27.0*15.5mm
Weight: 29g
Battery: 220mAh, 2.5 hrs to fully charged
Battery life: >21hrs (Always On Display)
Charging Port: USB Type C
​Monitor: 0.91" OLED monitor
Display Mode: Detailed, Standard
Metering​: 30 average metering (Approximately 50mm Lens view)
Metering mode: Single Metering / Continuous Metering
Exposure mode: Aperture Priority / Shutter Priority
Exposure compensation range: -3 to +3 (1/3)
Aperture stops: Full, Half, Third
Aperture value: F/1.0-F/128
Shutter stops: Full, Half, Third
Shutter speed: 30s-1/8000
​ISO stops: Full, Half, Third
ISO value: 6-102400
EV Range: 1-20